Distance based fees

Everything you need to know about distance based fees

From Thursday 15 November, the new, fairer distance-based fee structure goes live!

For deliveries that mean you need to travel further, we’ll pay you more. With the full delivery journey available before you accept the delivery:

This update will be available to test from Thursday 15th November until 20th December.


Distance based fees takes into account how far each order will take you, offering a different fee for every order and a fairer system, paying more for orders that take you further. Take some time to read further about how this new distance based fee structure works and what it means for you.

Why are we introducing distance based fees?

More than 63% of deliveries that riders in Germany rate deliveries as a bad experience due to distance. Every delivery you complete is different. Some are short and quick, while others are further away and take longer. And the money you earn for this work should reflect that. This new fee system pays based on the distance and time that each delivery will take to complete.  

How will I know how much the fee is for each delivery?

Testing distance based fees will mean you see more details about every delivery. Before you accept, you will now see:

  • The full journey, from your current location to the customer’s address
  • The full fee (this will change for every delivery)
  • The option to accept or reject the delivery

How can I tell what the fee includes?

You can access more details about the fee – such as, if it includes a surge – by clicking on the total.

Will I make less money?

No. Throughout the trial period, until 20 December, if you make less than you would have made on your old fee per delivery rate for the number of orders you complete, we’ll pay you the difference.

What is the fee per KM?

The calculation is based on a combination of the distance an order will travel, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete. This is calculated specific to your area – because the time it takes to travel 2km in Berlin can be very different to how long it may take in other city for example. This distance calculation takes into account the full delivery:

Accepting the order + traveling to the restaurant + delivering to the customer  

It also includes consideration for the time you spend off your bike on a delivery – like waiting at the restaurant and finding the customer. The full fee is displayed on your screen before you choose to accept the delivery.

Will some fees be lower than my current rate?

Yes. Distance fees mean fairer fees for the time and distance you travel. This means higher fees for the deliveries that take you further and longer to complete and lower fees for quick, short distance deliveries. Throughout the trial period, if you make less in a pay period than you would have for the same number of deliveries under your current fee per delivery rate, we’ll pay you the difference.

Can I take a different route to the one suggested in the app?

We suggest the route in app to help you find the customer. But it’s totally up to you which route you take – you’re the expert!

Will I be paid more if it takes longer than expected or if I take a different route?

The fee for each delivery is calculated based on the distance as well as how long it is expected it will take you to complete the delivery safely. This fee will still stay the same if it takes longer than expected, however you are free to take your preferred route to complete the delivery.

What if the restaurant makes me wait too long?

The distance fee calculation takes into account how long we expect it will take to complete the full order (from acceptance, to collection at the restaurant, travel to the customer and completing the delivery). This is based on a zone level to make it accurate in your area.

As well as distance, there is time you spend on every order that isn’t traveling. This includes collecting the order from the restaurant, parking and finding the customer. The calculation for every order takes this time into account too.

From time to time there may be delays – but you should not be regularly kept waiting at restaurants. If a restaurant is making you wait too long, you can unassign from the delivery at any time in-app.

What will I get paid for stacked orders?

If two orders being prepared at the same restaurant are due to be delivered nearby one another, we’ll add them together in a ‘stack‘. Stacked deliveries save you time, and mean you only have to pick-up from a single restaurant.

Stacked deliveries are paid the combined distance fee for the two deliveries, plus an additional stacked bonus fee. On average stacked deliveries are completed in about 61% less time than the time is takes to complete two individual orders. The time saved by collecting both deliveries from one restaurant helps you to complete more deliveries and make higher fees in a shorter period.

Can I reject deliveries I don’t want to do?

Yes. You are completely free to choose which deliveries you want to complete and which you would rather reject. This has no impact on your statistics.

If the fee changes for every order, how can I calculate how much I have made?

You can continue to track your earnings through the invoice you receive each pay period – which shows how much you have made on each day you’ve worked.

You can also track your fees in-app. The in-app My Earnings tool lists all of the deliveries you have completed and the fee for each one.

If I choose to be unassigned from a delivery after I have picked it up will I still be paid the pick up fee?

The delivery fee that you see before accepting an order is the full fee for completing that delivery. This includes a fee for pick-up, a fee for drop-off and an additional fee which varies depending on the distance of the order. The full fee is paid when you complete the delivery that you accept. You can choose to reject or unassign from any order you are offered, however this means that you decline the fee offered. It is not possible to be paid for the pick-up only fee only if you choose to be unassigned from the delivery before it is completed.